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ONE TO ONE Sessions with Sarah

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"To live most of your day Inspired, Creative, Free ...

To be more confident, relaxed and at peace ...

Your quiet mind ... Your open heart ...

Your soul connected with the creative spirit that flows like a raging river ...

You are a volcano of energy and vitality ...

Your life is the pure manifestation of your dreams ...


In this state your energy is awake, focused, determined, relaxed ...

You are fully in touch with your sensual and sexual power ...

You have a purpose, a passion, a reason to exist and give meaning to your life ...

You know how to manage your body, your mind, your emotions and you are connected with the Spirit within you and in everything ...


You have a unique and inimitable impact on the world ”.


                    DO YOU WANT



    • to change your perspective in managing your life?
    • to be more inspired and creative to achieve what you most want?
    • to release stress and let go of the pain that blocks your soul's creativity?
    • to transform your life with new life force and inspiration?



    Through one or more One to One sessions, I guide you on a journey to discover the Artist, the Creative and Inspired Being that is in you, to be and make your life a UNIQUE BRILLIANT AND ORIGINAL Work of Art. I guide you using "art as medicine for the soul", meditations/visualizations, shamanic ceremonies and other practices acquired in more than 20 years of experience, to explore and release your Creative Force to find fulfillment in everyday life.


    Benefits of ONE to ONE

    work with Sarah

    • YOU Let go of anxiety - stress - depression
    • YOU Activate your creative - sensual - sexual energy
    • YOU Find inspiration - vision - focus - determination
    • YOU Rediscover Innocence - Carefree - Joy of children
    • YOU Find inner peace
    • YOU experience the ecstasy of the heart

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    in which I guide you to enlighten what blocks your soul's creativity and let it go.

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    Three stages in which, through artistic expression, I guide you to explore and transform:


    1) What blocked the flow of your creativity in your past.

    2) What of your present prevents you from being receptive, awake and pro-creative.

    3) What you most desire to achieve / manifest in your immediate and more distant future. 

    4) First creative portal opening and consolidation.


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    Five stages in which, through artistic expression, I guide you to explore and transform:


    1) what has blocked the flow of your creativity in your past.

    2) what of your present prevents you from being receptive / awake and pro-creative.

    3) what you most desire to achieve / manifest in your immediate and more distant future.

    4) opening and consolidation of the creative portals (initiation ceremony).

    5) multidimensional journey of the creative soul.


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    The number of sessions you have chosen + the creation of a tailor-made framework for you.



    The canvas, made especially for you, represents your essence of light and the highest frequencies of your soul. The purpose of the canvas is to raise the frequency of your soul, create a "protection" that enhances the qualities of your heart and your person, to generate a state of constant love in your environment for you and the people you love. There will be other elements that will be included in the canvas following a targeted interview. When you commission me a custom work, we start together a co-creation process from the very first moment. You immediately become an integral part of the work and are totally indispensable. At the base of the creative process there is a "one to one" work in which I come in contact with your energy, so that I can perceive, feel and see every single nuance.

    I work with you on two levels:

    1) to free at your "soul" and spiritual level what hinders the full realization of Your True Self in this dimension.

    2) to empower, expand, nourish and ground your Luminous Essence at Multidimensional levels.

    With these elements, YOUR work of art is born, which becomes a real interactive tool, to which you refer in your daily life. A Mandala of Light, a mirror that reflects your true, complete and resolved soul/essence. The work itself also has the ability to generate harmony in the environment and emanate very high frequencies, cleaning the soul of those who come in contact with it and the environment in which it is placed. When I create YOUR work, I am in empty space, in that profound silence of being from which truth and pure beauty are born. It is an alchemical process in which, as if by magic, through my hands, YOUR soul is translated into colors, frequencies, vibrations and lights.

    In this process I become a tool for the realization of YOUR True Essence in the Form of Art.


    Contact me privately and we make the best empowering deal for both of you.


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    What People say



    “I felt a lot of energy, strong emotions that spread throughout the body. Joy, pleasure and total relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, so pervasive, that the dragged pains of the past have dissolved. A beautiful and wonderful atmosphere was created in the group where I found my creativity, the biggest challenge with myself, because due to inner blocks, I thought I was no longer able to express myself and feel free from conditioning. "



    "I am very happy to have followed my heart and my instincts. This experience was what my heart needed to find my essence, and the connection with the spirit."



    "It was a unique experience for me, especially when contemplating one of Sarah's works, in which I was able to savor very strong sensations of presence, clarity, profound and absolute silence. A journey in which I lost track of time, where I am was captured by a vortex of very deep and intense emotions, of emptiness and filling at the same time. The lights emanating from the painting transported me to a "world of magical thoughts" in which I was literally lost. "




    “Working with Sarah was an incredible experience; the energy of art that she transmits brought me into contact with my deepest self, bringing out feelings and fears that I had unconsciously tried to allay. In fact, I came from two deaths in a few days of people who were very close to me, and whom I thought I had "managed emotionally", but they were still very present and rooted within me. Meditation helped me to bring them to the surface helping me to process them. "


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